Laser Cartridges

About our Compatible Cartridges
Cartridge remanufacturing or rebuilding does not mean simply refilling your cartridge with new toner! Every cartridge is completely disassembled and each component has been tested and inspected for worn or defective parts. This process is done to maximize the life-span of the cartridge and enhance the quality of your printing.

The cartridge is thoroughly cleaned and all worn or defective parts are repaired or replaced. OSD Depot sells compatible cartridges built with new OPC drums, wiper blades, magnetic pickup rollers, and positive charge rollers and are filled with the highest quality toner.

OSD Depot only sells compatible cartridges built to the ISO 9002 standards, meaning that they are equal or superior to brand name cartridges for print quality, page yield, density and reliability, ensuring a consistent and verifiable product quality.

By choosing OSD Depot cartridges you will realize a cost savings of 30-50%, with NO compromise in print quality or page yield.

OSD Depot  includes a one-year product warranty
along with installation instructions in the box with each cartridge. Choosing to use OSD Depot compatible cartridges WILL NOT void the printer warranty or harm your printer. OSD Depot is so confident of the quality of our products that our warranty is extended to cover your machine from toner damage. If our compatible cartridges do not perform to your satisfaction, we will replace them at no cost or obligation to you.


Our cutting-edge ECO-friendly technology and very competitive prices
help our clients save hundreds of dollars a year, while being environmentally conscious.