Printer Sales & Service

Sales — New and Refurbished

  • New:  All makes and models of Laser Printers, Copiers, multifunction and Fax Machines.
  • Refurbished:  Broad range of colour and black & white Laser Printers, credits for trade-ins.
  • All Printers:
    • fully guaranteed
    • delivery included
    • free installation and set up.
  • Free Printers:  Periodic promo offers of FREE printers — check our Current Promotions.

Printer Service

  • Printers should be routinely maintained-usually twice a year to ensure optimum performance and extend their operating life.
  • Proper maintenance involves a number of restorative and preventative measures such as cleaning, inspecting and/or replacing fuser and separation pads, feed rollers, transfer guides, registration assembly, gears and rollers, and thoroughly cleaning any build up of toner or paper dust throughout the printer interior and exterior.
  • These measures are incorporated in a checklist which is completed by the service technician and signed by the client.
  • Despite regular maintenance printers occasionally fail, requiring expert diagnosis and repair or replacement of various drivers, controllers, motor assemblies etc.
  • OSD Depot provides a free help line for remote diagnosis and troubleshooting of many common printer problems. When a visit is required, our  repair service is performed by our certified technicians and all work is fully guaranteed.
  • Most repairs can be completed in an hour however if the printer must be removed to complete the diagnosis and repair-a free loaner will be provided.
  • Often the cost to repair a personal or small commercial printer or to replace a consumable component such as a drum or fuser exceeds the value of the printer. In these cases we will always advise the customer against proceeding and will recommend a suitable replacement printer-new or refurbished.


  • $40 for in house printer evaluation and diagnosis (Ontario office only)
  • $69 per monochrome printer for on site cleaning and maintenance
  • $79 per colour printer for on site cleaning and maintenance
  • $85/hr plus parts for on site printer repair.  Travel time over 1/2 hour is charged at $40/hr.



Our cutting-edge ECO-friendly technology and very competitive prices
help our clients save hundreds of dollars a year, while being environmentally conscious.